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More bread

I was right! I just had to reduce the water a little 🙂
Process below. I’m terrible at taking notes for baking but I think it’s accurate enough.


Poolish (24h in advance)
140g water
122g bread flour
1g of yeast

Actual bread recipe
250g warm water 90 degrees (F)
5g yeast
6g diastatic malt powder
400g all purpose
12g salt
(and all the poolish of course)

7:50am – mixing all ingredients (with minimum mixing)
9:10am – Folding #1
10:30am – Folding #2 and shaping
11:00am dumping in the hot dutch oven, scoring, covered => oven at 500F
11:15am reducing the oven to 430F
finishing baking


Saturday bread

Thought I’d jump on that trend of baking bread in a Dutch oven. It was either that or the “Small waist, pretty face, big bank” challenge. I think I chose wisely. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I used a 24h Poolish starter. Did ten good minute of hand mixing, then one hour rest, some folding / stretching, two hour rest, more folding and…not much resting* before dumping the dough in the hot Dutch oven.

*That’s why it’s rather dense. It taste / smell fantastic though. And that cracking sound out of the oven…so awesome.

I think I used these measurements below. Hand mixing only. Fairly high water ratio. I might tune that down a little next time…

Friday morning: Poolish starter
132g water
112g bread flour
1g of yeast

Saturday morning:
280g warm water 90 degrees (F)
5g yeast
400g bread flour
12g salt
+ Poolish starter


I knew using the bread machine to make croissants would be a terrible idea! 🙂
As expected, the dough was super elastic and difficult to work with.

Extensibility; yes, Elasticity? No good.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s 10am and time for my second breakfast.

Pork shoulder roast for winter weather

I mixed some soften butter with the usual mix (salt, black pepper, sage, onion & garlic powder) and some extra garlic for good measure, covered that 3.2lb pork shoulder with the mix, and let it sit in the fridge all day yesterday. I’m slow roasting it today for a few hours. Considering the weather temperature for today it should help keep the house warm.

Croissants but not croissants

I made croissant dough in the bread machine but then instead of actually making croissants I just shaped the dough, let it rise for 45min and baked it as bread.
Now I have good bread 🙂

500g – Bread flour
11g – Salt
12g – Yeast
50g – Sugar
300g – Half & Half
1 – Egg
+ teaspoon of diastatic malt

Rochers Noix de Coco

I bought a “galette des rois” for epiphany. It was good but nothing amazing. I’ll try a different bakery next time. Anyway,

I made some coconut cakes.
2 eggs
30g coconut flour
180g organic shredded coconut
200g sugar

375 degree baking with double heavy duty baking sheets highly recommended for these. I finished them with some light grilling on top. Yummy.

Cigars & Bourbon

Last order from Cigars International should keep me happy for a little while. Also, I have a better Bourbon / Whiskey selection than my local bar and that’s awesome.

20 x CAO Brazilia Samba (Torpedo)
10 x CAO Flathead V660 Carb
40 x CI Fresh-Rolled Rosado Cuban Wheels (Churchill)
40 x Victor Sinclair Motherlode Sampler

Baba au Rhum

Making all sorts of Baba Au Rhum.

I used Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey for the small ones to go with the Nutella pastry cream and the banana.

The bigger one is a more classic Rum Cake and includes Banana, Pineapple Pastry Cream and Strawberries

I don’t usually do a second rise for the rum cakes – it was a first – and I may need to adjust the recipe a notch.


Shelter in Place Food

Being stuck at home is no reason to starve 🙂
I started using Whole Foods / Prime Delivery occasionally before the lock-down and it was fine so for now that’s where I get my groceries.

– French Fries with my new Ninja Air Fryer
– Waffles with Strawberry and Chantilly
– Scallops in Spicy Oil, Glazed Pecans and Orange Slices
– Chocolate Waffles, Chocolate and Banana with Cognac (That was for dinner I swear)
– And a magnificent 1.3 pound ribeye steak

Weekend cooking / baking

Roasted Artichokes and Prosciutto
Big Heart Artichoke and Parmesan Soup
Home made Potato Chips with Fleur de Sel and Parmigiano
Peach Cobbler with Spicy Rum

– I didn’t do a very good job choosing the artichoke but otherwise the recipe is really good.

– I added carrots “chips” to the soup. It works.

– I used only brown sugar for the Peach Cobbler and added strawberries and red plum. Served with Bourbon Praline Pecan Ice Cream from Haagen Dazs

Seared Scallops with Bacon Marmalade

Seared Scallops with Bacon Marmalade – I paired it with a White Burgundy (Pouilly-Fuisse 2013) and I regret nothing.
I bought two pounds of fresh scallops so that’s what I’m going to eat this weekend mostly…

Recipe here:

A Matter of Taste

Stepping aside from the blue sky and the nice trails for a few hours I went to a store in Leavenworth called “A Matter of Taste”
I’m not gonna lie I would buy the entire store if I could. I ended up buying only six jars including the delicious Spicy Red Jalapeno Mustard
and Roasted Pineapple & Habanero…