Saturday bread

Thought I’d jump on that trend of baking bread in a Dutch oven. It was either that or the “Small waist, pretty face, big bank” challenge. I think I chose wisely. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I used a 24h Poolish starter. Did ten good minute of hand mixing, then one hour rest, some folding / stretching, two hour rest, more folding and…not much resting* before dumping the dough in the hot Dutch oven.

*That’s why it’s rather dense. It taste / smell fantastic though. And that cracking sound out of the oven…so awesome.

I think I used these measurements below. Hand mixing only. Fairly high water ratio. I might tune that down a little next time…

Friday morning: Poolish starter
132g water
112g bread flour
1g of yeast

Saturday morning:
280g warm water 90 degrees (F)
5g yeast
400g bread flour
12g salt
+ Poolish starter

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