Fine Dining in Denver, CO

UPDATED: With some labels this time 🙂

This fall I’ve been trying what Denver has to offer in terms of fine dining…
Below: Mercantile Dining & Provision – Denver, Colorado

(Old Fashion), Pot au Foie Gras, Maple Leaf Farms Duck, (Honey Pound Cake)



Below: The Preservery – Denver, Colorado

(Cheese & Charcuterie Plate), Wagyu Beef, Vol au Vent for dessert20161101_18333520161101_191009

Below: Acorn Restaurant (The Source) – Denver, Colorado
Tartare, Sweet Potatoes, Bone Marrow, Passion Ice Cream





Below: Il Posto, Denver Colorado
Cheese Curd with Fruit, Salmon Filet, Lemon Pound Cake with violet ice cream

Below: Beast + Bottle, Denver Colorado
Bison Pot Roast and Chocolate Dacquoise for dessert.

Life in Denver, CO

I’ve seen foxes and raccoons while running in nearby City Park early morning but seeing one literally on my door step is new. He dropped a dead squirrel on my door mat too. How nice!


Fall was nice. Got to try a super wide angle lens. Not the sharpest lens but it’s interesting to shoot Rokinon 14mm f2.8 E-Mount


Grays & Torreys Peak – Fall 2016

14,270 feet – 8.50 miles round trip. A fairly familiar hike for the morning. I’ve hiked these seven times I think but I just can’t get tired of the view from up there.
Part of the sky was overcast and the contrast was just fantastic.
The Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Mid did very well. I’m retiring the Lowa Renegade GTX for the snow season.

Oregon Coast Trail 2016

Back from my 400 mile hike along the coast of Oregon.  Started Sunday September 18th at 9am and finished two weeks later on October 2nd at 8am.


Aspen Loop 2016

August 21st, 2016

Over the years I’ve met a few hikers who hike casually (or so it seems) 40-mile / day, every day for weeks at a time if not months. I’ve always wondered what that actually entails. What does it REALLY mean for your body, for your mind?
The original plan wasn’t to hike for 24 hours straight obviously – although come to think of it, it would have been a valid plan as well – but just to hike a 40-mile loop and be done by 9pm which was plenty enough. I even had a shortcut planned to save a few miles if needed.
Things didn’t quite go as planned though. Shortcut wasn’t really one because of all the route finding it triggered. Crossing the valley (felt like marshland really) at Snowmass creek / West Snowmass creek was a disaster. Trail around Haystack Mountain was nowhere to be found so I improvised an alternative route…at 11:30pm. 
Final mile count reaching the car at 4:30am? 47 miles and 12000ft elevation gain total.

The good:
• Fantastic scenery and definitely my favorite part of Colorado in that regard.
• Hiking with trail running shoes (Altra Superior 2.0) worked great. New pants (Arc’teryx Perimeter) seem like they could be worn for weeks at a time. I still have to wash / inspect them to see the damage since I did quite a bit of bush whacking along the way.
• Feet and legs did just fine in the context.
The bad:
• Tracing a route with Garmin tools gives a distance estimation about 15% too low. I should have seen that coming really.
• One source of trail information is not enough. Need to double check everything for this kind of exercise.
The ugly:
• Took a spill at mile 10 and fell on my side. Few ribs are not doing so hot.

Brandi Carlile – Red Rocks

Saw Brandi Carlile with the Old Crow Medicine at the Red Rocks Amphitheater August 14th. Pretty good show and as usual fantastic venue…

Huron Peak, CO

Swiss Fondue & French Wine at +14000ft? Check! Great hike of Huron Peak on August 13th with Echostar for our yearly fondue…

Was at the summit in 2 hour 5 minutes. Doing pretty well these days…