Brandi Carlile – Red Rocks

Saw Brandi Carlile with the Old Crow Medicine at the Red Rocks Amphitheater August 14th. Pretty good show and as usual fantastic venue…

Huron Peak, CO

Swiss Fondue & French Wine at +14000ft? Check! Great hike of Huron Peak on August 13th with Echostar for our yearly fondue…

Was at the summit in 2 hour 5 minutes. Doing pretty well these days…

Grays Peak, Colorado

Quick hike atop Grays Peak on August 6th 2016. Not the greatest weather but good workout 🙂

Castle Peak – Conundrum Peak

July 31st 2016
Nice climb of Castle Peak and Conundrum Peak. Went down Conundrum Peak on snow sliding towards the frozen lake; much faster than going back around. The Jeep did well on Pearl Pass.

Cooking – Baking of the Weekend

As usual, weekend baking & cooking photography…

– Wild Boar Burger with red onions and blue cheese
– Anise & Almond Meringue
– Lemon Eclairs with Hazelnut Streusel and meringue
– Madeleine
– Strawberry Eclairs with pistachio ganache, strawberry sauce – orange flower water – and minestrone, topped with caramelized pistachios

Chocolate Éclairs

Got a new book from French pastry chef Christophe Adam.

Tried the Chocolate Éclairs recipe…

Mt. Lindsey, July 2016

Mt. Lindsey – 14042ft – Northwest Ridge Trail
Camped on the trail (literaly) after a 2.5 hour bike ride to the trailhead plus about an hour hike. Woke up at 5am and reached the summit at 9:30am.

Mt Lindsey, June 2016

No summit.

Hike near Mt Lindsey. The access road being closed I had to bike to the trail-head for three hours before I could even start hiking. Made it to about 12000ft before I had to turn around.

Basically a good eight hour workout in the mountains 🙂

Grizzly Peak, Colorado

Short hike to the top of Grizzly Peak, Colorado in May 2016

Starting the hiking season slowly…

Old Jameson Distillery, Dublin

Very interesting tour of the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin Ireland.

After spending the whole day hiking – about 18 miles – through the city to take photos while eating only a light breakfast in the morning I confess that the whiskey tasting totally kicked my ass 🙂

I didn’t get to try the $6000 bottle of whiskey sadly…

Dublin, Ireland

Spent a few days in Dublin, Ireland. No “striking / Breathtaking” architecture compared to other European cities but very charming.

Yes, I had Guinness in Dublin, Ireland. Checked!


Cher and Allier, France

Some photos from the region of Auvergne in France…

Poached Apple Tart

Poached Apple Tart with Orange Curd Cream and Blueberries.

(The dough recipe was somewhere between “Perfect Dough” and “Sweet Dough” from Pierre Hermé)

Lobster Tail

Had Lobster Tail twice this weekend.  The second one was from the coast of Maine, bought at Marczyk Fine Food. Definitely tastier but more expensive than yesterday’s (from Sprouts / Canada I think)
Served on puff pastry again with micro arugula, beurre blanc sauce, halibut brandade, asparagus cream and scallops.

Pairing: Cotes de Provence ‘Premiere de Figuiere’ Rose, Provence, France

Cinnamon Sweet Dough Tart

Cinnamon sweet dough tart. Poached apple with orange curd, raspberry and Shiraz wine reduction. Sand cookie because who doesn’t like cookies?

Just finished reading Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics by Richard H. Thaler
I never thought I’d say that about economics but it’s actually quite interesting and even funny – yes, funny – at times. This book focuses on the history of the slow development of this new field of economics. It’s based the fact that people don’t always (mostly never) behave rationally (they’re full of biases and prejudices) and logical (some would say cold) systems do a poor job at predicting the behavior a people inside a social context; be it a company, a government or a country.
The book is certainly not perfect. I strongly disagree with any argument made based on the premise that there is such a thing as “intrinsic value.” I consider this one of the biggest fraud in today’s economics. Turns out, there’s no such thing as “value” in nature. “Value” is a man-made idea. It represent an estimate of the desire of both parties involved in a trade to actually validate the trade. In essence; there’s no such thing as “value” outside the context of a trade; only estimated value. The action of trading is what validates the value.
Also the author bases his critic of the pricing of the stock market on the fact that the total shares of a company should always represent the actual value of that company at any given time. This is utterly ridiculous and borderline a straw man argument. At best they represent the average value of millions of estimates, forecasts and projections made over several years by investors with different goals, means and aversion to risk.
A few quotes from the book:
– “Giving up the opportunity to sell something does not hurt as much as taking the money out of your wallet to pay for it. Opportunity costs are vague and abstract when compared to handing over actual cash.”
– “The fact that a loss hurts more than an equivalent gain gives pleasure is called loss aversion. It has become the single most powerful tool in the behavioral economist’s arsenal.”


Sushi rice with raw tuna, seaweed, pickled cucumber, scallions, avocado, tobiko caviar, salmon, sesame seeds
& Sesame seed oil mayonnaise with red jalapeno pepper, garlic, ginger
(Dressing: lemon juice, sesame oil, soy sauce, mirin sauce, rice vinegar)

The recipe is from Bon Appetit Magazine. It was delicious 🙂