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Summer vacations 2018

Summer vacations went pretty well.  I worked on fixing small things in the house.

Pruned all the trees and got rid of all the branches. Pressure washed the fence and re-stained it. Pressure washed the flagstones along the sidewalk. Refinished a window that was in fairly bad state. Built a window screen from scratch. Cleaned up my front porch adding some furniture. Fixed a few concrete cracks around the house and repainted. Also completely refinished the air intake grid on the floor of the main entrance (it was disgusting really). Refinished the door step. Fixed some electrical, updated the street number and a few other small things…

The paint looked awful and the wood was in bad shape
Rotten Wood Frame
Building a new window screen in oak

After stripping the paint, using wood petrifier & wood epoxy, repainting the window inside and out and finally reattaching the new window screen.

View from inside

After trimming the trees I made little bundles (like 20 of them) to make it easier to get rid of them.
I ended up renting a roll off dumpster with the neighbors to trash everything.

Power washing the flagstones. It took forever but the difference is clearly visible.

Power washing the fence + re-nailing some planks + new oil stain

New street number using the color of the house


Removed the wood grid (picture below) which was disgusting, scrubbed & cleanup the air intake and painted it in black (because you know...)

A century worth of "I don't even want to know what that is" sticky dirt. Actually had to use a dremel tool + hand filing the whole thing


After cleanup. Staining with a tiny brush...


Door step. Wood plank was in poor shape and the paint on the flag stone was just wrong. Who paint such a nice stone anyway???

Three coats of stain later + 2 days of scrubbing the stone with everything I could find including muriatic acid.

Adding some furniture + carpet on the patio. Now I can enjoy the rest of my vacations...oh wait, it's all gone! :)

CES 2016

Was at CES to present the Cloud Gaming Solution I’ve been working on for Dish Network.
The big items at CES this year were; Giant OLED TVs, 8K TVs, 3D Printers, Smart watches and drones…
One of the display could switch from transparent to opaque and 3D printers can now print candies!

And I got to try Gordon Ramsay’s “Burgr” restaurant 🙂