Sig Sauer P320 RX Compact

There are plenty to say about guns. France doesn’t really have a gun culture so it’s difficult to form an objective opinion.

Historically the German occupation of France should never have happened. The complete lack of weaponry is often used to justify the fact that a mere 5000 German soldier managed to occupy a country of 30 million people for several years.

On the other hand; there are crazy people everywhere.

I consider Denver to be fairly safe but I thought I’d buy one to actually talk from experience. This one is not going to kill anyone so at least there’s that.

I’m at the range every other week because practice makes perfect.


Home – Basement

– June 2, 2018
Sometime, working in basement is depressing. I try to remind myself that the house is older than any human alive. That it was built around 1894 and it has seen things…

Second room ceiling is all cleaned up.

Doing some experiment digging along the walls in a corner to check out the foundation. Looking good up to two feet at least.
I might dig out a foot and redo the concrete slab. Work work work…

Ruby Creek

– April 21, 2018
Snowshoeing for a few hours up Ruby Creek towards Mt Parnassus / Bard Peak. Except without snowshoes. Oops.
Oh well. Finished the day at Sushi Sasa & My Brother’s Bar for some glorious sushi and some Chartreuse. Yummy.

St Marys Glacier

– April 14, 2018
St Mary’s Glacier with friends
Not the best weather. No visibility whatsoever but good hike nonetheless

St Mary’s Lake

Group of climbers practicing self-arrest

Are we having fun yet?

The dog seems pretty happy about the snow

House update

Basement refinishing.
Cleaned up one brick wall and one wood panel. Also started cleaning up the joist and ceiling (wood floor really). It’s messy, it takes forever but the result is pretty good (see before / after photos below.)

Considering the wood is 120+ years old I’m happy with the result. Will probably be done with the entire cleanup in two months. Then I can start building on it…