Remodel – Update

Before / After

Started removing the plaster from the brick wall. I started by hand using a hammer and a stiff wall scrapper but that¬†wasn’t ideal. Ended up buying a oscillating multi tool and it works much better. Still an absolute pain but I’m getting there. I still need to clean up a few more bricks here and there, replace a few others and do the repointing.


No good photos of the lunar eclipse (super blood moon or something ) but seeing it was pretty cool. Froze my butt for two hours at the top of a parking lot near Colfax Ave & York. Good views from up there.
Did manage to take a photo of the moon in the evening but I still need to get used to my new mirror lens…

Basement – ‘Before’ photo

January 7th, 2018

I love my house (most of it is perfectly livable) but there’s no way around it; the basement is a complete disaster (see photos…). Since I’m not big on sitting around during vacation I thought I’d get started on that. I tore down the shelves, removed the concrete & plaster from the brick walls, got rid of crumbling ceiling and remove all the junk that’s been lying around for decades. Pretty much filling up a 15 yard dumpster roll-off with 4 tons of crap. I also clean up my backyard. Most importantly I have a plan and I’ve completed all the research. I know everything there is to know about code. I might even use some of it as “guideline”. Just kidding.

Friendsgiving 2017

Apparently “Friendsgiving” is a thing.
Baking “Date & Pecan” Pie & Lemon Meringue Pie.

I followed this recipe which is pretty good:

As always for the Lemon Pie I used Pierre Herm√©’¬† sweet dough & lemon¬†cream recipe and added Swiss meringue on top.

Joshua Radin – You Got Growing Up To Do.

This song always makes me think of an old – former – friend of mine. In all fairness she’d probably tell me to look in the mirror. Oh well, I’m an idiot. Anyway, the sound on this particular recording (Live From the Village) is absolutely amazing.¬†Great talent all around from the musicians to the producer & sound engineers.

An absolute must.


Colorado Symphony

Enjoying lots of music from the Colorado Symphony  at the Boettcher Concert Hall lately.  The last few weeks:

  • Mozart’s Requiem
  • Sibelius Violin Concerto in D minor & Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony
  • Edgar Meyer Colorado Premiere &¬†Ravel’s Bol√©ro

Chihuahua Trail

October 29th, 2017

Went back to the¬†Chihuahua Trail. No moose this time but much better weather. Went all the way to the Chihuahua Lake. Really nice place and not a soul around…


Trying out Christophe Adam’s recipe for Choux Pastry.¬† Cooked at 350F for 30 minutes.

Milk – 320ml
Water – 320ml
Salt – 8g
Sugar – 24g
Butter – 320g
Vanilla – 8g
Flour – 320g
Eggs – 560g (10)

I’ll try a slightly softer dough next time (either more milk or more eggs) – Also need to crack the oven door open after maybe 20 minutes to remove the steam and see how it goes…