North Maroon Peak

Hiked / climbed North Maroon Peak last Sunday. A bit foggy but great climb.

Photo selection with comments. My shoes are awful for technical climbing I must say so I need to fix that problem before the next one.

Above: View of Pyramid Peak

Above: Maroon Lake / Crater Lake at sunrise

Climbing up the second gully…

Rest of the climb; big mess…

Summit view

View of Maroon Peak

On my way back. View of the trail up the first green gully.

View back at Maroon Lake. North Maroon Peak is the one in front / center.

Wilson Peak Climb

Climb of Wilson Peak from Navajo Basin Trailhead.

16 miles total and 5,000 feet elevation gain.
Here’s a visit of our beautiful Colorado. It‘s been an exceptional year in terms of snow pack and summer hiking still feels like Springs. The West Dolores river up to Navajo Lake is roaring. The weather was not particularly friendly but I managed to climb one 14000+ feet peak out of three. I guess I’ll have to come back…

Colorado Trail – Completed

Finally decided to go back to the Colorado Trail where I’d left off last time and complete it. I only had 116 miles to go so I took an extended weekend. First day was a bit slow but I made up for it after that (I traveled light; base backpack is 8.4 pounds now.)

Friday evening: 3.2 miles
Saturday: 27.1 miles
Sunday: 35.2 miles
Monday: 35.1 miles
Tuesday: 16.3 miles
Max elevation: 12489 ft
Ascent: 17292 ft
Descent: 21588 ft

I didn’t feel like eating most of the time. Ate an average of 3.5 Clif bars per day. Had plenty of left over.

Mission San Jose, Texas

Extended weekend around San Antonio, Texas. Visited the Mission San Jose…