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Amplifier Update

Finally received the case & wiring for the amplifier. Assembly went well considering the parts came from three different countries (The Nederland, Denmark & China)

I forgot the jumper to switch it from 220v to 110v at first but luckily that didn’t break anything. I wrapped two sets of wires with electrical tape and copper tape. I’ll do the same for the rest of the wiring this weekend. I was too eager to listen to it. And yes, it sounds fantastic.

Anything from Adieu tristesse · Zazie, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Sara Gazarek, Bobo Stenson Trio and Caro Emerald sounds amazing. I’ll post more of that later…

12v trigger

My amplifier case & wire are still stuck in Memphis, TN at the FedEx hub 🙁
Anyway, I’ve noticed that the power amplifier itself doesn’t include a 12v trigger so I decided to make one.
I bought that relay but it comes with no documentation.
Apparently when I power 9v on the DC+ and DC- there’s a tiny red LED that lights up. Then if I short the IN with the DC+ another tiny green light turns on and I hear the relay.
The ohmmeter does show a change on the other side of the board so that must be how you set it up 🙂

We did not cover that in pastry school so what do I know.

LG 32″ 4K monitor

The LG 32″ 4K monitor is on sale and I’ve been meaning to buy one for a while so…
It’s not the greatest out there most likely but for $326 that’s a great value.
I’ll check the color calibration when I have more time but it looks pretty good right out of the box.
A nice addition to my home office.

Power Amplifier

I’m building a power amplifier.
The amplifier board (below) is coming from Denmark
The power supply (above) is coming from The Netherland
The casing and connectors are coming from China…hopefully.

It’s an international collaboration I guess. Definitely the most expensive DIY project I’ve ever done. The amplifier board alone is $900. It’s an Eval 1 Purifi Eigentakt board. The same that can be found in the newest NAD C298 power amplifier. The spec sheet is just incredible in all aspects so I’m hoping the end result will be a nice improvement to my setup.

Home Theater Update

Eventually the home theater will be in the basement but for now I’m setting it up in my living room.
I just bought two more speakers so now my setup is as follow:
Amplifier Denon x4700h running an 11.1 setup
2 Polk Audio Lsim707 in the front
4 Polk Audio Ti200 for the Surround Fronts and Backs
4 Polk Audio Ti100 for the Surround Height Fronts and Backs
1 Polk Audio Cs10 for the Center
1 old Sub Woofer (I’ll upgrade that at some point)
and of course the phenomenal 65 inch 4K “Picture on Glass” E9 OLED LG TV.

I’ve just upgraded the wiring; 14 gauge for everything but the 4 “smaller” height speakers (which for now are on the floor) for which I’m using 16 gauge. I’ll be building some 72″ tall speaker stands for the height soon.
I’m using the “older” Pioneer amplifier to drive the front speakers in bi-amp mode for now but I’ll be building a power amplifier soon to do that work.

I can’t overstate this; 11 channels is the way. It’s a world beyond the classic 5.1 or 7.1. It’s like being at the theater…but way better. The sound of Dinah Madani’s shot gun during the scene of the firefight in Punisher E08S01 against special ops forces is utterly insane. I had rounds of ammos flying in all direction in the living room 🙂


The water cooling of my three years old Nvidia 1080TI graphic card had been dead for a while. Thought I would take it apart, remove the cooling & fan and install a new cooling system. I went for the NZXT x63 + Kraken G12. I’m quite happy with the result. Even at full load the temperature is stable at 42, 43 degree Celsius.