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Cooking – Baking of the Weekend

As usual, weekend baking & cooking photography…

– Wild Boar Burger with red onions and blue cheese
– Anise & Almond Meringue
– Lemon Eclairs with Hazelnut Streusel and meringue
– Madeleine
– Strawberry Eclairs with pistachio ganache, strawberry sauce – orange flower water – and minestrone, topped with caramelized pistachios

Chocolate Éclairs

Got a new book from French pastry chef Christophe Adam.

Tried the Chocolate Éclairs recipe…

Poached Apple Tart

Poached Apple Tart with Orange Curd Cream and Blueberries.

(The dough recipe was somewhere between “Perfect Dough” and “Sweet Dough” from Pierre Hermé)

Cinnamon Sweet Dough Tart

Cinnamon sweet dough tart. Poached apple with orange curd, raspberry and Shiraz wine reduction. Sand cookie because who doesn’t like cookies?

Crème brûlée

The cream (3 cups / mixed of heavy cream, whipping cream & Mexican sour cream) was infused with toasted sesame seeds (28g) for 12 hours. Passed the cream thru blender + filter, added a mix of 5 yokes + 1/2 cup of sugar. Baked for 40 minutes at 325F

Delicious. They fell back a bit after baking though 🙁 Need to try 260F for one hour + 20 min in open oven…