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Longs Peak

I hiked Longs Peak again in early September. It was that ONE day when the weather was super nice. Sleeveless top at 14,259ft? Check!

Fairly crowded as you can tell from the photo of the “homestretch”.
Out of the forty hikers at the summit not a single one had a mask. People (including myself) were swapping phone to get each other’s picture. Very friendly place 🙂
What was fascinating is that later on, going back down, passing by other hikers as I was getting closer to the trailhead, I noticed that more and more were wearing masks. I’ve noticed the same thing on Grays Peak and also Torreys Peak (different time); confident hikers at the top of mountains not wearing any mask while, hikers who were not sure of themselves, either slow ones or those starting late in the day were wearing mask. The difference was striking really.
Some have tried to push the idea that this was a “macho” thing but really experience showed me otherwise.  One third of the hikers at the summit were women; not a single mask in sight.



I might elaborate later on. For now let just say that the damage done by Jack Dorsey, Tim cook, and Jeff Bezos cannot be overstated.
Just because you can behave like a fascist doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

I deleted both my Twitter & Facebook accounts. If you’re looking for me, this is where I’ll be 🙂

January 8th, 2021 – A very dark day for freedom.

Happy Birthday I guess. Anyway,

Hiking Torreys peak and Grays peak on July 10th, 2020.
2020 won’t be remembered as a particularly great hiking year that’s for sure but I’ll try to hike a few 14ers anyway. Even on a Friday it was very crowded (for a 14er that is) – People are really eager to get out there.

I love my new watch. Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire.
A small plane passed over the summit of Torreys peak when I arrived. Very very close…

House remodel…

Working on two different projects these days. Refinishing all the wood work on the front porch (photos some other time) and pouring the concrete slab in the basement.
No humidity to be worried about but I’ve decided to lay an inch of gravel before pouring the concrete. So far so good. The laser level is very useful.

Ended up hurting my back last Saturday carrying the stupid bags so I’ll be quiet this week and get back to it next weekend hopefully.

Mount Evans Bike Ride

June 20th, 2020
The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America. This year it remains closed to cars so I’ve decided to bike to the top at 14,131ft starting from Echo Lake. About 28 miles RT.
I had to abort the first attempt last week at Summit Lake mostly because of the wind. This time I decided to push through no matter what. Lots of snow on the road still so the last few miles were painful but I made it.

Amazing views all along the road.

Yard Fence and door

The super old wood fence and door on the side of my house collapsed during the winter so I built a new one and set it up.
The most difficult part was breaking down the old concrete underground before setting the new posts in place.

I need to buy some hardware for the door and it’s all done. Only six hundred other projects on the list now…

Baba au Rhum

Making all sorts of Baba Au Rhum.

I used Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey for the small ones to go with the Nutella pastry cream and the banana.

The bigger one is a more classic Rum Cake and includes Banana, Pineapple Pastry Cream and Strawberries

I don’t usually do a second rise for the rum cakes – it was a first – and I may need to adjust the recipe a notch.


Shelter in Place Food

Being stuck at home is no reason to starve 🙂
I started using Whole Foods / Prime Delivery occasionally before the lock-down and it was fine so for now that’s where I get my groceries.

– French Fries with my new Ninja Air Fryer
– Waffles with Strawberry and Chantilly
– Scallops in Spicy Oil, Glazed Pecans and Orange Slices
– Chocolate Waffles, Chocolate and Banana with Cognac (That was for dinner I swear)
– And a magnificent 1.3 pound ribeye steak