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Before the snow…

Nice bike ride around City Park before the evening snow. It was good to get out of the house. I still hate seeing people wearing masks. I hate every part of it. I don’t know what’s more depressing really; witnessing this ugly dehumanization of individuals or being stuck at home…

Anyway, this is pretty amazing:

Wandavision is weird

I’m one or two episodes behind but at this point I don’t really expect that show to make sense. Ever. It’s just weird and it’s gonna stay weird.
Anyway, I made an executive decision this week. I’m going to buy a little Ethereum once a week on Monday. Not too much, something like $128 a week (it’s a good number) and just treat this as a saving account of some sort. I started yesterday and oh, look at that! It’s already up 🙂
This is in addition to the 0.08 ETH I’m currently mining every month.


I knew using the bread machine to make croissants would be a terrible idea! 🙂
As expected, the dough was super elastic and difficult to work with.

Extensibility; yes, Elasticity? No good.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s 10am and time for my second breakfast.

Pork shoulder roast for winter weather

I mixed some soften butter with the usual mix (salt, black pepper, sage, onion & garlic powder) and some extra garlic for good measure, covered that 3.2lb pork shoulder with the mix, and let it sit in the fridge all day yesterday. I’m slow roasting it today for a few hours. Considering the weather temperature for today it should help keep the house warm.

Croissants but not croissants

I made croissant dough in the bread machine but then instead of actually making croissants I just shaped the dough, let it rise for 45min and baked it as bread.
Now I have good bread 🙂

500g – Bread flour
11g – Salt
12g – Yeast
50g – Sugar
300g – Half & Half
1 – Egg
+ teaspoon of diastatic malt

Colorado Winter

It’s a holiday weekend (Washington’s Birthday) so, of course…
It might actually be warmer at the top of the rocky mountains 🙂

Update: The forecast shows -21 for Saturday night (no risk of fever there) and -22 for Sunday.
I’ll be home playing Tetris, drinking hot chocolate.

LG 32″ 4K monitor

The LG 32″ 4K monitor is on sale and I’ve been meaning to buy one for a while so…
It’s not the greatest out there most likely but for $326 that’s a great value.
I’ll check the color calibration when I have more time but it looks pretty good right out of the box.
A nice addition to my home office.

Power Amplifier

I’m building a power amplifier.
The amplifier board (below) is coming from Denmark
The power supply (above) is coming from The Netherland
The casing and connectors are coming from China…hopefully.

It’s an international collaboration I guess. Definitely the most expensive DIY project I’ve ever done. The amplifier board alone is $900. It’s an Eval 1 Purifi Eigentakt board. The same that can be found in the newest NAD C298 power amplifier. The spec sheet is just incredible in all aspects so I’m hoping the end result will be a nice improvement to my setup.

Home Theater Update

Eventually the home theater will be in the basement but for now I’m setting it up in my living room.
I just bought two more speakers so now my setup is as follow:
Amplifier Denon x4700h running an 11.1 setup
2 Polk Audio Lsim707 in the front
4 Polk Audio Ti200 for the Surround Fronts and Backs
4 Polk Audio Ti100 for the Surround Height Fronts and Backs
1 Polk Audio Cs10 for the Center
1 old Sub Woofer (I’ll upgrade that at some point)
and of course the phenomenal 65 inch 4K “Picture on Glass” E9 OLED LG TV.

I’ve just upgraded the wiring; 14 gauge for everything but the 4 “smaller” height speakers (which for now are on the floor) for which I’m using 16 gauge. I’ll be building some 72″ tall speaker stands for the height soon.
I’m using the “older” Pioneer amplifier to drive the front speakers in bi-amp mode for now but I’ll be building a power amplifier soon to do that work.

I can’t overstate this; 11 channels is the way. It’s a world beyond the classic 5.1 or 7.1. It’s like being at the theater…but way better. The sound of Dinah Madani’s shot gun during the scene of the firefight in Punisher E08S01 against special ops forces is utterly insane. I had rounds of ammos flying in all direction in the living room 🙂


I bought some dogecoin (120000) last week at around $0.0085 and sold them today…WAY TOO EARLY. Sold at 0.0218 but the price went all the way to 0.0509.
$1600 gain is not bad but it could have been so much better…
Oh well, just ordered some Blue Pan Pizza to celebrate (Detroit style). I’ve never had it. Picture to follow…

The mining rig is still running. About $72 worth of Ethereum mined so far. The graphic card is not super fast but I should be able to mine one Ethereum per year. Current price is $1366 per ETH so I won’t retire on that but it pays for the pizza 🙂

Live at Royal Albert Hall – EELS

Is Mark Oliver Everett the greatest singer? No. Is he worth listening to? 100% yes.
The introduction of “Live at Royal Albert Hall” gives a pretty good idea of his sense of humor. I wish I understood better how their lyrics and the themes they sing about fit into the American culture…


“I am what I do in the dark now, I bleed only for myself.” – Matt Murdock

The moment I heard that quote I stopped the video and searched for it. Apparently I wasn’t the only person to do that 🙂
As a writer, I think that’s one of these sentences that, just after writing them you think; “wow, where’s that coming from? I like it!”

Historically, I’m not a big fan of the Daredevil character. I keep thinking; “A blind person can’t do that. It’s not realistic. This makes to sense!”
On the other hand I’m fine with the falcon millennium reaching light speed. Go figure.

I’m kind of addicted to this show. The violence/gore seems mostly unjustified and I could do without but it’s pretty good. And it sounds amazing on my home theater setup.

Bear Peak

Climbed Bear Peak, starting from the South Mesa Trailhead.
It’s always nicer above the clouds 🙂
I drove to the grocery store Sunday morning and, arriving at the parking lot, I thought; what am I doing here? So, without even turning the engine off I started driving towards Boulder, CO. I hesitated between the Walker Ranch loop and this trail. I think I made the right choice.


I’m quite happy with the Denon x4700h. I’m running some weird 7.1 + 2 virtual speakers setup for now and it works amazing.
Watched some episodes of Daredevil and there’s sound just about everywhere.
No problem driving my ridiculous 110 pound floor standing speakers in pure stereo mode. Now I guess I need a better streaming solution. MQA is the way. I need better wiring too but that’s an easy fix.

Denon x4700h is actually a 11.2 receiver but it can only drive 9.2 unless there’s an external power amplifier connected to it. I actually like that because I want a dedicated amplifier for stereo anyway. Bought it new for $1499 instead of the official $1699 so what’s not to love really. I’ll try to bounce the sound off the ceiling for the height speakers since I can’t (don’t want to) install anything in my ceiling. It probably doesn’t work that well but it’s worth experimenting with…

Rochers Noix de Coco

I bought a “galette des rois” for epiphany. It was good but nothing amazing. I’ll try a different bakery next time. Anyway,

I made some coconut cakes.
2 eggs
30g coconut flour
180g organic shredded coconut
200g sugar

375 degree baking with double heavy duty baking sheets highly recommended for these. I finished them with some light grilling on top. Yummy.

Tidal HiRes Audio

I just cancelled the useless HBO subscription and subscribed to Tidal HiRes Audio (on a trial basis)

I’m totally addicted.  The sound quality is phenomenal compared to Spotify & the old regular flavor of Amazon music (which I cancelled two years ago)

Now I need better audio gear. I have a Denon x4700h 9.2 arriving today for Audio/Video.

My Polk Audio Lsim707 speakers are great but very difficult to drive. I’ll be buying a power amplifier plus a network streamer later on…My short list:
Cambridge Audio Azur 851W
NAD C 298 Stereo Power Amplifier

The Musical Fidelity M6s PRX Power Amplifier looks fantastic but $2,490.00 is a bit steep. I’d rather stay around $1500 price tag and maybe buy a second one at some point and run the two of them as “mono blocks”.  The NAD would stand at 650 Watts per channel in bridged mode. That should do it 🙂