No Curfew

“No Curfew / Open Colorado”

Curfew was never that bad in Denver and / or Colorado but the 11pm forced close down of bars & restaurants (versus 2am usually) is getting old. At least we never had a 6pm curfew…like, you know, “some countries” 🙂

I actually didn’t know we still had a 11pm curfew in place. That’s how much I go out these days.
I talked to the group who put up that flag; that’s how I know.

Update: City Park got even more crowded for my second bike ride of the day. Two-step dancing happy people  who put that flag up are still there, enjoying a cold one at the lake, under a warm 20 degree Celsius and a nice blue sky while Parisian cops are removing people from the river side because…Covid-19.

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