“I am what I do in the dark now, I bleed only for myself.” – Matt Murdock

The moment I heard that quote I stopped the video and searched for it. Apparently I wasn’t the only person to do that 🙂
As a writer, I think that’s one of these sentences that, just after writing them you think; “wow, where’s that coming from? I like it!”

Historically, I’m not a big fan of the Daredevil character. I keep thinking; “A blind person can’t do that. It’s not realistic. This makes to sense!”
On the other hand I’m fine with the falcon millennium reaching light speed. Go figure.

I’m kind of addicted to this show. The violence/gore seems mostly unjustified and I could do without but it’s pretty good. And it sounds amazing on my home theater setup.

4 thoughts on “Daredevil”

  1. Ok with everything you said

    All is said. (Btw, he’s blind but with some kind of superpower… bat like ;))

    Best show ever !
    (Come on… come back on face of book, it really easyer ! )

    1. Never! 🙂
      I’m discovering The Punisher now. A bit slow at first but it gets really really good past episode 3…

  2. You will,
    Yesss you will come back, one day ! Oh yeah ! ( or may be, we will have to write our own facebook ! FessesBook ? Or BeerBook.. aka BB ! Would be nice too… )
    Punisher is fine too ! Not as good as Daredevil but good enough !.

    1. 🙂
      WineBook! Users have to post photos of glasses & bottles of wine at least once a week otherwise they get banned!

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