I’m quite happy with the Denon x4700h. I’m running some weird 7.1 + 2 virtual speakers setup for now and it works amazing.
Watched some episodes of Daredevil and there’s sound just about everywhere.
No problem driving my ridiculous 110 pound floor standing speakers in pure stereo mode. Now I guess I need a better streaming solution. MQA is the way. I need better wiring too but that’s an easy fix.

Denon x4700h is actually a 11.2 receiver but it can only drive 9.2 unless there’s an external power amplifier connected to it. I actually like that because I want a dedicated amplifier for stereo anyway. Bought it new for $1499 instead of the official $1699 so what’s not to love really. I’ll try to bounce the sound off the ceiling for the height speakers since I can’t (don’t want to) install anything in my ceiling. It probably doesn’t work that well but it’s worth experimenting with…

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