I’ve always been fascinated by people’s face. Think about it; almost 8 billion people on this planet. All different. And more importantly than this difference, human’s ability to tell them apart. This ability is a thing of wonder to me.
I can’t imagine something more dehumanizing than these face covering policies. We’re literally hiding the one thing that makes us “an individual in the crowd”. Going outside, biking around city park as become the most depressing experience. Faceless, anonymous drones everywhere.
On the other hand this will make it that much easier to leave this meaningless world for the virtual one. The human sacrifices of the V-World (Caprica) don’t look so bad now do they?
A little landing pad in the front yard for the Amazon Drone to land so we can get food and the latest hi tech toys. Whether for work related meetings, gaming or just a little chat, our only interactions will be that of our respective avatars in the virtual world. One day someone’s gonna go; where’s David? I think he passed away. No, this can’t be! I saw him in VR last week! He just probably forgot to turn off his machine and the computer just keeps on playing…

Good job everyone, good job.

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