After the Plimoth…

Regardless of the field a lot of attention is paid to the achievements and the end results today – whether by jealousy or ignorance. Not much is being said however about the dedication and the amount of work it takes to get there. Dining at the Plimoth always reminds me of what is behind the scene. Of the hidden talents. These numerous tries and failures, these required (but certainly detested) disappointments silently suffered before the joy of finding the perfect match between that Burgundy wine and this Beef “à la Bourguignonne” appears and finally lightens the always undervalued burden.
Between that particular type of almond, these pears, this cognac…Solving this exact equation requires an amount of work that remains completely secret to the layman.
This does straighten my confidence and my desire to fight against those who advocate amoral systems purporting to punish such achievements – usually for the benefits of those who’ve accomplished nothing – in order to buy themselves a frail and cheap sense of “moral” at a bargain.

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