I’m almost glad I’ve been ill (flu) for the past few days and was forced to completely skip Halloween this year. The idea of standing in a room full of adults in costumes pretending to be happy, contemptuously throwing fake smiles at each other in order to win this unspoken contest for a chance of wearing the crown of the King of delusion…

Who can pretend at this point that there’s any sincerity and honesty left in these yearly mandated celebrations? The only thing that seems appropriate in that particular case is the masks and the disguise. How symbolic indeed. To deceive and be deceived.

Filling up your life like a freaking piñata about to explode with every piece of junk encountered along the way as an ersatz for fulfillment…I hate to be the bearer of bad news but what you see as a solid foundation is merely a sheet of thin ice about to crack and increasing your load won’t improve your chances.

If “fake” is what your going for feel free to forgo the costume; it’s quite the unnecessary duplicate.

Watching “Amélie” for the first time yesterday made me realize something; Smiling was never intended to express happiness or joy. I think in the old days it was the ultimate expression of disdain and contempt. I can totally see two arch-enemies facing each other before battle throwing scornful smiles and mocking one another before the final blow. Isn’t the Song of Ilium the ultimate proof of this? Diomedes was certainly smiling when he sent back Aphrodite to Mount Olympus.

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