“À la carte” Political Movement

I’m kind of tired of these political bundles we’re supposed to subscribed to. Voting is like getting cable or satellite television; you like one thing but for some stupid reason you have to pay for the whole bundle of nonsense to get that one thing you actually want. It’s either Comcast, DirectTV / Dish or go fuck yourself. The 2016 US Election might end up being Clinton, Bush or go fuck yourself just the same. It’s ridiculous. I want “À La Carte” politics. Voting should be about individuals making choices on a series of bullet points and politicians trying to make their case and convince voters that they’re the best person to implement these policies. We could still manage that under the limit given by the US Constitution to avoid the dictatorship of the majority and protect individual rights I’m sure.
Forget these stupid tea / coffee movements; I present to you the Baileys Irish Cream Movement. Why Baileys you ask? Because it’s delicious that’s why.

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